Ute Mountain Casino Hotel

While traveling through Colorado we found ourselves looking for a place to stay around Towaoc, CO. While driving down the highway we saw casino billboards a rate of something rather low like $39.95 a night. We drove a bit further up the road and saw a few decent restaurants in the area so decide to check out what was available. As usual for us it was late in the evening when we decided to stop so we called around and inquired about price and availability of hotel rooms in the area. We generally look for a few key amenities when searching for a hotel room. First and foremost reliable internet connection. Secondly a hottub. Then we have a list of desires; LCD television, bathtub, decent mattress and linens, refrigerator, microwave, and so on. After reading some reviews and making some calls we decided on the Ute Mountain Casino Hotel. It was a Friday night so we did not get the “billboard price” but it was still decently priced for the area. We were told that rates go up as the rooms fill up so at 10pm on a Friday we probably did as bad as possible on the rate. Still well under $100. We arrived and checked in and received $10 in slot play. As we were checking in we noticed multiple signs indicating that alcohol was not allowed on the Ute Mountain Reservation. This included the casino and hotel. The signage also warned that anyone caught with alcohol on premises would be ejected from the property with no refund. A dry casino? Alrighty. Being the beer swilling travellers we are we may not have selected this hotel had we known but we mostly did without the godly nectar for one evening without too much issue. The room was great and had all of the amenities on our checklist minus the internet connection which was abysmal at best. Damn! But the AT, amp;T coverage was good so we managed. The rest of the list was there. LCD, comfy bed and linens, bathtub, and there was even a balcony. The balcony had a view of the parking lot but was still a balcony nonetheless. This hotel also features an indoor pool, hottub, and sauna. All three are open until midnight which is rare and wonderful especially for late night travellers such as ourselves. Before we hit the pool and hottub we went to check out the restaurant. Friday night seafood buffet was the main attraction. I am a sucker for crab legs so it was a must for me. I ate half my weight in crab legs. Standard fare for a seafood buffet otherwise. I have had much better and have also had worse. Cali ordered the Navajo Stew and some Navajo Fry bread. Both pretty decent. This all would have been made better with some decent beer but no such luck. The servers and wait staff were all very friendly and attentive. They were on the ball and every request was met promptly and courteously.

Based on this being a dry hotel and the serious lack of internet connection we probably wouldn’t stay there again but for the price, amenities offered, and pool hours I would recommend this hotel if internet access and alcohol are not a necessity for you.

They are located near the four corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado just south of Cortez, CO. Also check out Mesa Verde National Park if you are in the area.

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