The Palms in Chicago on Swissotel

When walking into the Swissotel in Chicago you can’t help but be taken aback by the beautiful and modern atmosphere, something that is severely lacking in many Chicago hotels but does add to Chicago’s classic nature. Walking into the Palms Restaurant you may be surprised by the atmosphere as charactaters of celebrities detail the walls! We were informed by the Hostess that the walls are directly associated with the restaurant’s unique 837 Club. Once members have accumulated a large number of points, they are immortalized on the walls of the Palms.

We were drawn into the Palms Restaurant by the Prime Bites specials from 5:00-7:00 P.M, available from Sunday to Friday in the Bar area. For a mere $5.50, feast upon Prime SteakBurger Sliders with cheddar cheese, pickle and pesto mayonnaise, or Calabrese Flatbread, Mini Broiled Crabcakes, Nova Scotia Lobster Sliders, Dirty Shrimp, BBQ Chicken Meatball Sliders, and Nova Scotia Lobster and Bacon Fondue.

We were not sure what we thought of the atmosphere compared to other restaurants we frequent, such as the original Chicago Mortons, Wildfire or Fleming’s. We could see the ambiance growing on you in a fond reminiscent way. Booths are spacious and comfortable.

The Prime SteakBurger sliders were the best on the bar menu. Recommended by Paul, we agree these are fantastic. The burgers were cooked to perfection with a slight pink within. The pickle was crisp and refreshing. The pesto mayonnaise was not at all overpowering. We assume the full version of this burger is even better.

The Lobster Sliders were O.K. We weren’t overly impressed by these but for $5, who can really complain? Well, Brandon can, he described them as dry and lacking in taste.

The Nova Scotia Lobster and Bacon Fondue with Sam Adams Boston Lager took us by surprise as well. The pretzel roll was possibly the best we had ever tried. In fact, we would have loved to just get a plate of those. The Lobster Fondue didn’t go uneaten, and we would order this just to get our hands on that pretzel roll again. It was a bit salty, but duh…. it’s cheese, lobster, bacon and beer. Bring on the sodium.

We also ordered the Lobster Bisque off the main menu and it didn’t disappoint. The recipe is heavy and classic. The presentation was fantastic, and assembled table-side for your viewing enjoyment. Not a recommendation for the health conscious.

Paul was really nice and the manager was accommodating. They have a crazy Lobster special going on and it looks like we might be going back tomorrow!

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