Prince Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki Beach

The Prince Hawaiian, All Ocean View Hotel is set right off of the famous Waikiki, Honolulu Beach. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I booked it through as they have an amazing rewards program and I think it is one of the better ways to find the cheapest hotel in Hawaii (depending on what hour you look, the trick is to look right before check-in).

The best Brunch Buffet in Waikiki Honolulu, Hawaii.

The best Brunch Buffet in Waikiki Honolulu, Hawaii.

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When I posted I was in Hawaii on facebook, quickly my aunt, who is the absolute authority on luxury told me she had stayed at the Prince Hawaiian Hotel when she was in Waikiki and loved it! Ironically, that is exactly where I was in Honolulu at the time of getting the message. The room was nice, and the beds were comfortable. The sheets were soft and inviting. The view was gorgeous.

Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki  View

Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki View from Royal Prince

What really stands out to me is the buffet and brunch at the Prince Court. They offer an incredible Sunday Brunch, and buffet meals that rival Sunday Brunch at any other location every single day of the week. The pool facilities were nice, the hot tub was hot and the view was great over the marina. It was a bit chilly and windy on the roof the morning I was out on the pool deck after an incredible breakfast.


The Price Court offered a buffet with fresh sashimi, a sushi chef who would take your every desire (masago anyone? tempura) and wrap it up in a hand roll, as well as shabu-shabu and more. It was pure magic. Speaking of tempura, they had a literal bucket of it on the buffet next to the miso soup. Delightful!

The pool and hot tub at the Prince Hawaiian

The pool and hot tub at the Prince Hawaiian

The coupon for the restaurant you get when you stay at the hotel is incredible, it’s 20% and can be used for the duration of your stay. The quality of the food here drew me in so closely I ate in the restaurant at least twice a day for the buffet.

review sunday bunch hololulu

review best sunday bunch hololulu waikiki buffet

The Prince Hawaiian – (All Ocean View) Hotel was much better than most of the hotels I had stayed in, including the Modern Honolulu. I have to admit, I had only seen one other white person in the entire place (mostly asians were staying here at the time of my vision) but if you are a fan of asian culture, come stay at the Prince Hawaiian for sure!

Best Buffet in Waikiki

Amazing view! That was my table twice in a row. Great buffet service.

It’s about a 5-10 minute walk to the beach, and it’s a really nice walk. As you walk through the marina you can view many tropical fish swimming around the marina eating garbage. It’s a interesting experience to see angel fish, puffer fish the size of loaves of bread and many other tropicals swimming around in the wild, mere feet from you.

4.5/5 for the price , amp; location 

Love, California

Ps: I wrote a little bit about The Prince Hawaiian Hotel here on my personal blog as well

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