Kiss the cook best Glendale breakfast spot!

Really decent pricing, and we want to kiss the cook too! Not far from Phoenix the coffee flows in a quaint environment and the eggs Benedict can not be beat, best of all they are under $10!

The basket of complementary warm mini muffins on the table were certainly a bonus. They’re great to munch on while drinking my morning coffee and waiting for my breakfast it came in very quickly. The service was fast any interior of the restaurant with cozy even though the tables were in arms reach of each other we didn’t feel like our privacy was invaded on at anytime.

Homemade is a term that first comes to mind when I’m thinking about kiss the cook. They have homemade pumpkin butter ready to go at the counter, homemade cookies, and give him a days notice and you can take home a homemade pie.

Fellow blogger, Jeff Larson and I ruminated over our meal briefly after and came to the conclusion that this was the best breakfast that we’ve had possibly this year. This says a lot as this year we have frequented some very quality hotels across the U.S. , Hawaii.

We really love the potatoes they tasted cut fresh and they were caramelized and just like grandma makes. The cook on the egg was exceptional, and has topped some Michelin star restaurants that we’ve been to. The marbled rye toast offered a colorful variation. Too many positives to list!

Kiss the cook is officially part of PHX 24’s best of Phoenix.

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