Good Sunday Brunches in Phoenix, Az

Here we have compiled a list of the Brunches in and around Phoenix that we believe are the best in class. Sure enough, Phoenix is filled with brunches and many are quite popular.  We are sure that they will rock your Sunday and will leave you craving for more. They are not in any particular order, but just a list of the best 10.

1. Litchfield Park

The stunning reviews by other customers tell it all. If you are fond of Sunday brunches and brunches in general, you should not miss this place. You will regret it.

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2. Wrigley Mansion

It’s impossible to miss out Wrigley Mansion from the list. The chefs make sure that your taste buds have a great time. The aroma first makes your mouth water and then the food makes sure you feel as if you are in heaven.

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3. Arizona Biltmore

Wide array of food items to flatter your palate. You are going to have encounters with delicious delicacies that you would have never imagined. You come here once and you’ll never feel like leaving this place.

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4. Marquesa Scottsdale Princess Resort

You name it, they have it. It undoubtedly had to come on our list. Yes, we know it is quite expensive but definitely worth it. Even at around $50 a person, it still convinces people to come again. Definitely a great choice for foodaholics.

5. Mimi’s Cafe

A great place with a perfect setting. Looks stunning and succeeds in creating a perfect environment for brunch. You will be dazzled by the charm and also the food.

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6.  Paradise Valley

The name says it all. A living paradise for brunch lovers. Crunchy starters, delicious main course and ecstatic deserts are some of its hallmarks. The price is very decent too. A perfect hangout place with friends and family. Makes us wonder “How can a place excel in so many factors?”

7. Basis

Perfect spot for leisure and effortless dining. You not only fill your stomach but also your heart with satisfaction. A place where you will never feel guilty about spending money. Gives you every penny’s worth. Has delicious meat, biscuits, omelet and gravy. Absolutely spectacular and it has also been featured in famous magazines distributed in Phoenix and Arizona

8. Gardunos

Nice option for Mexican food. It does not serve the general brunch menu but Mexican food lovers love this place. Worth every buck. We’ve found out that people prefer booking the outdoor tables during fine weather.

9. Tryst Cafe

Not a huge place but the chefs there are mind blowing. You will be blown away. Don’t go by the size or the appearance from the outside. Give it a shot, you will be delighted.

10. Sierra Bonita Grill

You cannot stop yourself from going “mmmmm” even if you just taste a morsel of their food. Vegetable, steak, eggs, omelet, blueberry butter, in short the list is never ending. You simply cannot afford missing this place. Your taste buds will curse you, if you do.

Now go ahead and enjoy your Sunday meal.

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