Phoenix 24 Hour Diners

24 Hour Diners in Phoenix

There are lots of 24 hour Diners in the greater Phoenix Area. Here is a list of the ones you have available to you in Phoenix. Some of these 24 hour diners have more than one location, simply click the link to find the 24 hour restaurant closest to you.

5 , amp; Diner 

5 , amp; Diner is open 24 hours a day in Phoenix, AZ

Country Boys Restaurants

A great option for all night dining. Watch for their two for one coupons and get a meal for free. We love to eat at country boys in the middle of the night and find they often have great service.

International House of Pancakes 

There are MANY International House of Pancake (Ihop) Restaurants in the greater Phoenix Area.
Click the International House of Pancakes link above to find the one closest to you.

Denny’s Phoenix

Denny’s is an obvious late night option. There are many Denny’s locations in Phoenix. Dine at Dennys and enjoy their awesome $2-$8 menu to stretch those dollars even further.

Waffle House

Would you like some hashbrows with that?